1. Introduction

Q7 allows you to replay your ECL script in Debug mode.

Q7 has a special Debug perspective which gives you a preconfigured set of views. In this perspective you control the execution process and can investigate the state of the variables.

2. Setting breakpoints.

To set breakpoints in ECL code right-click in the small left margin in your script editor and select Toggle Breakpoint. Alternatively you can double-click on this position.



Q7 - GroupContext_CopyPaste_Context_ContextMenu - Q7 - :Users:Ulik_MacAir:q7workspace 2013-12-24 12-01-23


3. Starting the debugger.

To debug your test case execution, select a Test Case, right-click on it and select Debug As → Test Cases.



If you start the debugger, Q7 asks you if you want to switch to the Debug perspective once a stop point is reached. Answer Yes in the corresponding dialog and Q7 will open a Debug perspective.

4. Controlling the program execution.

Q7 provides buttons in the toolbar for controlling the execution of the program you are debugging.



You can use the F5 (Step Into), F6 (Step Over), F7 (Step Return) and F8 (Resume) key to step through your coding.

5. Variables evaluating.

The Variables view displays variables from the current executing stack.

variables view


Note: you are not allowed to change variables assignments during runtime.