Sometimes to investigate the issue we may ask for log files where all problems are recorded. 

1. Error log.

This is the most common location for the log file, It is stored in your workspace in the meta-data directory. Check out AUT workspace/.metadata/.log.

You can check AUT workspace location in your AUT Configuration: 

For RCPTT Runner AUT workspace location is defined with autWsPrefix argument. 

2. Console Log.

Occasionally problems happen in the system really early before there is a workspace and before there is a configuration area. This means that there is nowhere to write the log file so information is written to the console. 

You can tell Eclipse to save console output to a file. 

 - If you launch your AUT from RCPTT IDE: 

 Go to AUT Configurations and switch to Common tab. Then under "Standard Input and Output" section, click on checkbox next to "File:", and choose the name of output file to use. If you check "Append" underneath, console output will be appended to the output file. Otherwise, console output will be overwritten to the file.

- If you launch AUT from RCPTT Runner: 

Use autConsolePrefix argument. It defines a file prefix for application-under-test process output. 

It will be appended with incrementing restart index for the same reason as -autWsPrefix arg.

Find more about RCPTT Runner here: