Commands read-lines, write-lines, write-csv, read-csv, delete-file support two kinds of URI:


when file is addressed with file:/* URI, its changes won't appear in workspace (explorer trees, editors) until refresh.
when file is addressed with workspace:/* URI, its changes immediately appear in workspace (explorer trees, editors).
URIs with "workspace://" are case-sensitive. 
Also if you have somewhere in your test cases "workspace://", but files aren't currently in workspace (explorer trees, editors) you should use the following construction:

read-csv-file [uri-from-path [concat [substitute-variables "${workspace_loc}"] "/<path after workspace://>"]]

How to use home:// in testcase

set-dialog-result Folder [concat [get-java-property "user.home" ] "/Documents/Appcelerator_Studio_Workspace3.4/test1"]